Cashflow & Budgeting

Take control of your income and how it’s distributed

Turn your cashflow into financial security and a passive income

Nobody likes the term ‘budget’. We prefer to think of it as ‘wealth accumulation’. The truth is, to build wealth it has to come from somewhere. For most, this is from your cashflow.

First: What is cash? It is used as a medium of exchange in our everyday transactions, or for larger expenses. The purpose of cash (and cashflow) is to cover all of our expenses in both the short and long term. Even for larger financial goals cash is required, i.e. a home deposit, going on holiday, or paying for education costs.

What cash isn’t; A long-term wealth accumulation vehicle! Holding cash for short term expenses is incredibly important however, once inflation is taken into account your savings might be going backwards.

On the other hand, using any your cashflow to start investing regularly is one of the fundamental building blocks on the road to financial freedom.

Your net cashflow is what you have in resources to use, coming from what you earn each week after tax. This net cashflow, or income, is used to cover off on all of your expenses. Daily living expenses, or those considered essentials, discretionary spending on a night out at the movies, and what is left to put towards your financial goals (either savings or investing).

Working within your budget, we believe you should ‘pay yourself first’ by investing in your future financial security, before paying anyone else.