About Us


Whether you prefer to manage your finances yourself and need only occasional guidance to keep on track, or you want to outsource to experts (so that you don’t have to be one) the journey starts and ends with you; your goals, your understanding, your situation.


We focus on building long term relationships through regular reviews and open dialogue with clients, ensuring you remain on track to achieve your goals.

Our Mission

We actively work with individuals and families to provide greater financial clarity and ultimately, financial freedom. We support and challenge you to meet your goals and celebrate your successes.

We provide advice around your goals, not ours.

Our Role

People’s financial futures are one of their biggest sources of stress. Life is busy enough without having these additional pressures, but fear of uncertaintly and fear of change are two of the biggest factors that hold people back. Let us help you with this.

Our role is to provide peace of mind through helping you set and achieve your goals, and reach financial freedom. We help you get the most out of your life and enjoy the things you like.

Personalised Advice

Acute Finance focuses on helping clients create, grow and protect their wealth through sound, personalised financial advice. No matter what stage of life you are, we will work closely with you to build a tailored and achievable financial plan around your financial goals.

Put a face to a name

Who We Are

At Acute Finance Pty Ltd, we own and operate our own Australian Financial Services License (509 404).
This provides us the freedom to personally tailor our plans and advice to meet your individual financial needs.

Louis Strange

Louis Strange

Director / Financial Adviser

Having a rich knowledge of financial strategy and theory, Louis is passionate about providing thorough tailored advice to his clients to assist them and their families in attaining financial freedom.


How we do things



Our clients place their trust in our expertise and our conduct, so we take our jobs seriously; down to every last process and task.



Communication is open, and we operate in a way that makes it easy for our clients to understand what’s involved behind the scenes. 


Sustainability of our business, and long term relationships with our clients is built on the basis of fairness and value.