Our Process

Working with you every step of the process, from advice development through to implementation and beyond.

Step 1 - Getting to know you
  • The first step is to get to know more about you through a quick phone call, answering any initial questions you have. We than dive a little deeper, discussing what you’re looking to achieve and get to know a little more about your current situation.
  • We will let you know upfront if we will be able to help you and if not, point you in the direction of someone who can.
Step 2 - Initial Appointment
  • During the initial appointment we take an in depth look at your current position, while also helping to clarify your goals and objectives.
  • We help break down all of the financial jargon and clearly explain the range of possible strategies available to you.
Step 3 - Research and Strategy
  • No stone is left unturned. We explore a range of options to best accomplish your goals with what you have to work with, all detailed in a Strategy Paper.
  • We take a thorough look at the numbers and present you the facts, so that you can make the most informed decision.
Step 4 - Strategy Appointment
  • In this meeting we explore each of your financial goals, and the options available to reach them.
  • This also involves looking at projections of your future wealth, versus what you will need to reach financial independence.
  • If there is a gap, we have done the numbers and show you the possibilities of closing this, so that you can see how your decisions can impact your future financial situation. Your Strategy Appointment is an important aspect of your financial advice process, and ensures we’re on the same page and moving in the right direction.
Step 5 - Statement of Advice Preparation
  • Based on our Strategy Appointment and the advice options you wish to proceed with, we then develop your Statement of Advice. This in-depth document details our Advice, the advantages and risks, and ensures every aspect of your chosen strategy is communicated in a transparent and easy to understand format.
Step 6 - Advice Presentation
  • Once your Statement of Advice has been completed, we sit down with you to present the Advice and walk you through every aspect. We want you to fully understand the process, the strategy and the expected outcomes before we take any action on your behalf.
Step 7 - Implementation
  • Once you’re familiar with your advice strategy, and happy to proceed, we’re here to ensure that every T is crossed and I is dotted… taking care of the implementation right through from document preparation, document submission, and follow up. We do the running around, so you can get on with the things you enjoy.
Step 8 - Monitor and Review
  • The one thing constant in life, is change. We make sure our advice is still appropriate to your situation as time goes by. This isn’t a set and forget kind of relationship. We monitor your situation and portfolios, ensuring you’re still moving towards your goals with regular reviews and catch ups.